Roemer Originals Warranty and Return Policy

100% Satisfaction is our goal! We're committed to providing you with great customer service and making your purchase or exchange as easy as possible.

That's our promise to our customers!

We, at Roemer Originals, pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and a high quality product. Our desire is to provide our customers with a wonderful experience and a beautiful piece of jewelry that will be cherished for generations to come. If you are not completely satisfied, please let us know and we will do whatever possible to make sure you are happy with your purchase.


Roemer Originals warranties all of our workmanship on any piece that we custom manufacture from carve to finish. We guarantee that all gemstones are set properly and are tight in their settings when the new piece is delivered to the customer. If a stone should fall out due to defect without any damage or wear-and-tear to the setting within the first 6 months, Roemer Originals will replace the gemstone at no charge. * (While we can be sure stones are secure when they leave, we can’t control what happens after a piece leaves the store. Roemer Originals Insurance Policy cannot cover what happens outside our doors, so our warranty does not include coverage on a lost center stone or stone value of over $300. Please be sure to have your own insurance coverage in place.)


Roemer Originals custom designed pieces are warranted as above for the lifetime of the piece as long as the customer brings the piece to our location for inspection at least every 4-6 months and allows Roemer Originals to tighten any stones that may be loose and/or repair any normal wear-and-tear issues that are pointed out with regards to the integrity of the piece. (Extended warranty does not include center stone and/or possibly larger side stones. Be sure to have your insurance coverage in place) We will clean, polish and make your piece look new while you are in the store as our complimentary service to you.  Basic maintenance is complimentary, but when the metal of the prongs starts to wear thin or walls wear down and maintenance is required, Roemer Originals will recommend and quote maintenance at that time to remain in warranty.  You can expect some maintenance over the lifetime of your piece as regular wear and tear occurs, depending on how hard you are on your jewelry.

Any piece purchased through Roemer Originals whether from our case or online may be brought into the store for complimentary cleaning and inspection even though these pieces are not under our full warranty program, like our custom pieces.  We like to help you keep your jewelry clean, and in good condition.

Normal Wear:------------------------------------------------------------——-

Roemer Originals is not responsible for any damage or loss due to normal wear-and-tear to the piece. This includes worn prongs or channels, broken prongs (lost stones due to these issues), cracked shanks, broken heads, broken gemstones/diamonds, etc. Any repairs that are needed due to normal wear or accidents, will incur a charge to the customer.

Manufacturing Defects------------------------------------------------------------——-

Occasionally a manufacturers defect can occur. If you feel that your piece of jewelry has a defect please contact us and we will warranty it 100%.  Manufacturers defects consist of something that has happened within the manufacturing process that has caused a defect in the piece that has hindered the longevity of beauty and/or wear.  Examples of a manufacturer’s defect could be porosity in the casting, a crack in the metal, or a faulty clasp.  Defects do not include problems caused by normal wear and tear or damage caused to the jewelry by wearing it.


Roemer Originals works extensively with our customer to provide you with the best service and product possible.  Your satisfaction is our goal whether it’s a simple repair  or a custom engagement ring.

Our designers work with you to determine the exact specifications on a custom design piece. Our customer is a part of the process from the sketches to a carving approval in wax, a rendering in CAD, or sometimes both.  If not completely satisfied with a custom designed piece, Roemer Originals will make alterations to the piece at no additional charge within 90 days of original purchase. If still not satisfied, additional labor charges may be incurred to further remake or change the design of the piece.

Vendor Warranty:-------------------------------------------------------——

Roemer Originals does sell jewelry from other manufactures that was not hand carved and created at our location. Jewelry pieces from catalogs or other vendors that are purchased through Roemer Originals are subject to the warranty of the specific manufacturer.

Exchange and Return Policy:--------------------------------------——

Roemer Originals does not accept returns. We operate on an exchange basis only.   Please return with your item within 20 days of the original purchase date for an exchange.  Items must be unworn and in original condition to be exchanged for the full purchase price, minus the shipping charges.  Gift Certificates, House Credits, and Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash.

Roemer Originals is not responsible for shipping and insurance charges, nor are we responsible for items lost in transit.

Each item being exchanged must have an RA number assigned to it, to be sent back to us.  If you would like to exchange an item, please contact us and we will give you specific instructions, depending on what you purchased. It is important that you contact us prior to sending your item back, so that we can make sure your store credit is applied promptly when we receive your item back, and so we can be sure we are applying the store credit to the proper customer account.

Please note the following before considering the exchange of an item:

  • Custom designed jewelry cannot be returned or exchanged. If your jewelry was custom designed for you, this means that we assembled it from parts or made a piece from scratch, for you, per your request (or as a gift for you). While we cannot refund your money on a custom purchase, if you are unhappy for any reason, please call us and we will work with you to try to make adjustments. We take true pride in our craft and will go to great lengths to ensure that the piece you receive is exactly what you want, and we don’t begin production until we get your approval of all the design elements. Once production has started, projects cannot be cancelled without a fee. Once they are complete, if you are unhappy with any aspect of the piece, please reach out to us, and we will work with you to make adjustments to the best of our abilities. We want you to be thrilled with your piece.
  • Engraved Jewelry cannot be returned or exchanged. This includes text and photo engraved jewelry. If the jewelry has been personalized with any type of engraving, it cannot be returned. We double check all engraving with each customer before we begin each job. If for some reason a mistake has been made, if it was our mistake, we will take care of it, if not, there may be a way of correcting it. Please give us a call.
  • Jewelry that has been filled with any type of remembrance (cremated ashes, etc.) cannot be returned or exchanged.  I’m sorry. This is simply a sanitary situation.
  • Completed Layaways may not be returned or exchanged as they have been “on hold” and out of the case already for some time, while on layaway.
  • Consignment/Estate purchases cannot be returned or exchanged. These items are in the case at a highly discounted price due to the fact that they are “pre-owned”.
  • Sale or Clearance merchandise that is marked “non-returnable” may not be returned or exchanged.  This is noted up front at the time of purchase.
  • Your product must be returned back to us in original condition, and include all the accessories (chain, box, etc) to be accepted for exchange.  

Special Ordered and Altered Item Policy:------—

We regret that special orders may not be returned or exchanged. A special order constitutes any jewelry, watch, or gift item that is specifically ordered in for a customer,  or altered at the customer’s request.

Jewelry Repair Policy:---------------------------------------------------—

Roemer Originals guarantees that all pieces have been checked by our associates after repair is complete, and all stones are secure in their settings and in good repair before leaving our building, unless otherwise noted and customer has been informed.  Other than the guarantee that a piece is in good repair when it leaves our premises, we cannot offer any guarantee on repairs once they have left our building due to the variance in age of a piece and manufacturer’s quality inconsistencies of pieces in the marketplace. **Damage Disclaimer** Roemer Originals uses special care in the handling and setting of gemstones, but is not responsible for damage attributable to any unstable enhancement processes, pressure or heat-sensitive stones, or stones with fractures, as there is an inherent risk in handling and setting stones of this nature. Likewise, Roemer Originals is not responsible for damage attributable to prior repairs, alterations, and/or incorrectly stamped metals.  Roemer Originals also uses great care in repairing old and very worn pieces and will warn customers when repairing such pieces if there is great risk involved in applying heat to such a piece. We do not take responsibility when noted, if damage occurs when the customer has been pre-warned of high-risk situations. In addition, we will not be responsible for any article left for more than sixty days after the completion of repair.

Gemstone Enhancement Disclosure---------------------------------------------------—

Gemstone purchasers should be aware that natural gemstones are processed from the time they are extracted from the earth by one or more traditionally accepted gem and jewelry industry practices. Most colored gemstones have probably been subjected to a stable and possibly undetectable enhancement process to improve color and/or stability. Such enhancements may include, but are not limited to heat treatment, irradiation, and impregnation. All relevant information will be readily provided to the best of our knowledge. Prevailing market values are based on these universally practiced and accepted processes by the gem and jewelry trade.

Insurance Reports/Appraisals---------------------------------------------------—

On any custom piece that we create for you, we will provide an Appraisal for you to insure your piece. For other high value pieces that you purchase from us, we will typically provide this for you also.  We also provide appraisals on outside pieces as a service to our customers at an additional charge when contracted to do so. The monetary value assigned by Roemer Originals on an appraisal is for the exclusive purpose of assisting our customers in obtaining insurance (unless otherwise discussed for an alternate purpose, such as, dividing an estate). It represents the current price to replace the same or like item from Roemer Originals, and is neither a guarantee of value, nor an offer to buy.

Roemer Originals recommends insurance appraisals and insurance coverage for all pieces that are worn on a regular basis of high value.  Jewelry takes much more wear and tear (especially rings) than we realize, and if it is worn on a regular basis, precious metals wear out, stones get scratched, chipped and broken (even diamonds), and over time, accidental damage or theft can occur.  For a minimal charge per year, jewelry insurance can give you peace of mind and cover you if these things happen.  See what it would cost you at www.jewelersmutual.com

Roemer Originals reserves the right to make exceptions to any of the above restrictions depending on individual circumstances.