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Do you already have ideas? Or are you starting from scratch? Either way, just get in touch with us and we’ll help make the experience as easy as possible for you to express your personal style in your piece of jewelry. Our 4-step custom process has been working brilliantly to decorate people with beautiful jewelry for over 40 years.

We specialize in creating custom handcrafted jewelry to meet your individual desires. Imagine owning a high quality, finely crafted design made just for you – a composite of your desires and your ideas, along with our advice, design abilities and technical execution.

There is nothing like the experience of having your engagement or wedding rings personalized and uniquely designed just for you… or any other piece of jewelry that is meaningful and marks a special event or feeling that you want to capture and appreciate for many years to come.

Re-designing your jewelry is also a great way to bring new life to an older piece. Allow us to take an out-of-date design and re-make it into something that you'll be proud to wear every day.

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Consult With Our Designers

Consult With Our Designers

Our designers have over 38 years of design experience collectively between the two of them. They aren’t just customer service people, they are true artists that also have training in the art of building jewelry. The reason this is so important, is they know what can and can’t be done as far as functionality and durability of a piece. They can help design beautiful elements but also recommend structural integrity into the design to make it last. When it comes to designing a piece of jewelry that you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on, it’s good to know you’re putting it in the hands of someone that is experienced and knows what they are talking about. You can’t go wrong with Tom and Melinda.

Consult With Our Designers

Create Your Masterpiece

After going over all of the details of the design with you and determining what you would like to make, our designer will sketch your piece so that you can get a visualization of what your piece will look like. This is the first step to envisioning your result and is usually the point at which the customer then decides to move forward with the job and the deposit of ½ down is made. This sketch is what is used by the carver or CAD designer to build the piece in the next step of the process.

Consult With Our Designers

See It Come To Life

After the sketches, dimensions and gem stones are provided to the carver or CAD designer, the model will be made from this information. The customer will then receive either a full 3D rendering (which is a life like image of the piece) and/or a wax model of the piece, depending on the circumstances of the piece and the job. This will be discussed on an individual job by job basis so each customer will know what to expect.

Consult With Our Designers

Let The Masters Build It

We work only with the best of the best in the business. Our jewelers are trained to be experts in their field and are Master Craftsman. Whether your piece is hand-carved or is a CAD designed piece, it has been crafted by one of the best in the industry and is covered by our Roemer Warranty.

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