Do you have jewelry that you don’t wear anymore? Do you have pieces that have been passed down to you that aren’t your style?

How many years has that piece from your mom or grandmother been sitting in a box, unworn because it’s too worn out or it’s not “you” and you won’t wear it?  Don’t you think your loved one would rather you re-style it and cherish those stones as an heirloom for years to come?

Look in your jewelry box. Are there:

  • Old gold chains that are tangled?
  • Rings that are worn out?
  • Earring pairs where you've lost one?
  • Old gold class rings?
  • Jewelry from prior relationships?
  • Pieces you no longer wear?
  • Pieces that have been passed down that aren’t your style?

If you can say "yes" to any or all of these questions, Roemer Originals can help.

No other jewelry store is better equipped to help you re-design those unused jewelry pieces into something totally unique that reflects your style. We've been creating custom pieces since 1975.

Why let heirloom pieces, or jewelry that you don't enjoy anymore just sit in your jewelry box, unworn and wasting away?

Bring your gold, diamonds, and gemstones and let the designers at Roemer Originals help you create a new piece or pieces of jewelry that reflect your own personal style and that you will wear and enjoy for years to come.

We give you credit on your scrap gold, and we can use even the tiniest of diamonds to create something beautiful and new.

If you are out of town and you would like to consult with us about a restyle, you can ship your jewelry to us and we can work with you to design new pieces online, also.  Just follow the instructions regarding shipping your gold and gems to us in the attachments below and the rest works just like our normal “create a custom piece” process does.

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Here are some examples of the story and designs we have "Re-Styled"

for some of our clients:

Client: Barb – Transforming An Heirloom Piece

Above is a beautiful diamond, heirloom piece with an antique styling and cluster design to it. This was a piece passed down to Barb from her mother. Barb has more contemporary taste and has many rings that she already wears everyday. She thought that she would enjoy wearing a pendant created from these diamonds instead. She also wanted something more flowing and in two tone gold with mostly yellow gold.

We sketched some designs based on the diamond sizes and shapes that were in her piece. One of the designs was a cross and she was excited that it not only reflected her style, but also allowed her to express her faith.

Barb Before After
Marge Before After

Client: Marge

Combining a class ring, mother’s ring, mother-in-law’s ring, and one of her own rings from her husband, she added a yellow sapphire to create a whole new piece with all the special meaning pulled into one.

Marge loves her new piece and enjoys telling people the story of how all of the sentimental pieces were combined into this one ring that holds so much meaning and reflects her sense of style.

Just give us a call or stop by with your pieces and we can help you to create something especially and very specifically for you!

Client: Kathi

Old unworn pieces and grandma's diamond turned into something new and beautiful.

Kathi had several old pieces that she never wore anymore. She also had a company award pin and she had a beautiful old cut diamond that was passed down to her years ago from her grandmother. All of this was simply sitting in a jewelry box. She brought the pieces to us and wanted to make a pendant that she could wear all of the time. Using sapphires and diamonds from her old, no longer worn pieces, and her grandmother's diamond, we created a beautiful new keepsake that she will wear and enjoy.

Kathi Before After
Diane Before After

Client: Diane – Updating Her Wedding Ring

Diane came in with several pieces that her husband had given her over the years. She used to wear all of them, but found she just wasn't wearing the earrings and pendants anymore, so she hoped she could come up with a way to utilize most of the stones and put them into a new design for her wedding ring. The result was stunning!

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