Exclusive Patents

Our Exclusive Patents …And What They Mean For You.

Roemer Originals has four exclusive patented features that we can work into the design of your custom piece that can help to add even more distinction to your own one-of-a-kind creation.  Some of these features have functionality and some are just unique and beautiful.


Our Roemer counterbalanced shank is something that we add to the bottom of every custom ring we create, unless our customer says they would prefer not to have it.  This design element is one of our features that not only is unique but also functional.  It works as a counter-balance and aids in keeping the ring upright on the finger, since most rings tend to be a bit top heavy.  99.9% of our customers throughout the years have loved the feel and weight of our shank on the base of the ring.  Not only does the counterbalance work, but the weight feels good, and the shank of the ring is thick and long lasting throughout the lifetime of the ring and future generations as an heirloom.

The diamond in the shank is another patented feature of ours and just adds a nice finishing touch to our counterbalance.  It’s not functional…just a touch of beautiful!

Our Roemer Spectral Fire is our colored stone under the diamond.  This an additional feature that can be added as an upcharge to our custom pieces.  When you add any colored stone under a diamond (but especially a blue sapphire) the color of the stone subtly reflects through the diamond, creating a beautiful and unique effect.  Depending on the design of the ring or pendant, you can also see the colored stone from the side of the piece, adding a very interesting design element from different angles of viewing.

Fire 233X300
Rose Heart

The Roemer Rose Gold Heart Inlay is also available as an additional feature that can be added to our custom pieces.  A tiny rose gold heart that can be inlaid into the side of the piece to represent your love…what a special way to say “I love you”.

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