Engagement at Roemer

Roemer: One-of-a-Kind

Your love is unique. If it’s within your budget, a custom designed, one-of-a-kind ring is the best way to create the most incredible symbol of your love. It can be something that you create with our designers to capture the essence of your love, and no one will ever have a ring exactly like it. It will be uniquely hers. Our Roemer, one-of-a-kind rings are built with our patented features including our counter balanced shank and diamond in the shank, unless the client states that they would prefer not to have these upgraded features. We also have our patented features of our Rose Gold Heart Inlay and our Spectral Fire available at an additional charge that can be added to your design. Simply discuss these features with your designer during the process of creating your ring to learn more about them.

One Of A Kind Engagement Rings

Roemer: Choice Line

Our Roemer Choice Line is our line of modeled rings that are exclusive designs by Roemer Originals and have our patented features of our counter balanced shank and diamond in the shank. These designs give our customers the option of having a Roemer Ring in some of our classic designs without incurring a carving fee since we’ve already modeled these into the line.

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The Ever & Ever Collection is a thoughtfully curated, customizable bridal collection that inspires brides to create the ring of their dreams. Get started by selecting a style, choose a center stone shape that you like, a color of metal, decide on the size of the center stone…by selecting different options, you can transform a ring you like into a ring you love!

Counter Sketch Design Studio

The Counter Sketch Design Studio allows you to take the Ever & Ever Collection a step further into the creation process. Let’s say grandma gave you an old ring with some side diamonds in it that you want to use in your new engagement ring, and you’ve found a design you like in the Ever & Ever collection but it’s not set up for the right size diamonds or the correct number of stones? With some slight adjustments in the CAD program and an additional fee, the changes can be made to accommodate your stones. Or, say you just like one of the designs in the line, but want a slight change in the number of stones down the sides or the size of the stones in the design, or possibly how high the stone in the center sits…those adjustments can be made in Counter Sketch.