The Six C’s Of Diamond Buying

For many people, purchasing a diamond is one of the largest and most important investments they will make in their lifetime. Diamonds are fabulous and intricate stones, and at Roemer Originals we want to ensure that you are delighted with your diamond selection. We follow the standards set by the Gemological Institute of America for grading diamonds. The following provides an overview on the six (6) key characteristics of diamonds that you should consider when making your selection.

Cut - Carat - Color

Clarity - Cost - Creativity



This refers to how the diamond is proportioned and its overall shape. Proportions are a very important aspect of how the diamond reflects light, its brilliance. If a diamond is Cut too deep or too shallow it will not reflect light properly out of the top of the stone. A well Cut diamond will capture light reflected into the stone, bounce the light around on the facets within the diamond and return it back through the top of the stone to your eye. Many gemologists consider Cut the most important characteristic because even if a diamond is perfect in Color and Clarity, a poor Cut will diminish the brilliance.


Diamond Proportion And Shape

Your choice of shape is a personal preference, however, if you're after the most sparkle, a round brilliant Cut diamond is the most optically efficient shape for reflecting the light. It sparkles more than any of the other shapes. With today’s laser cutting technology, fancy shapes and extravagant designs are limited only by your imagination and your pocket book!Shape

Ideal Cut Diamond Shallow Cut Diamond Deep Cut Diamond


Carat weight is the actual weight of the diamond once it is Cut to its finished shape. There are 100 points in a Carat, so when discussing weight it will be like talking about cents in a dollar. A stone that weighs 3/4 of a Carat will be approximately 75 points or 0.75 ct. Keep in mind that two stones of the same shape and Carat weight can look very different due to the proportions of the Cut and the shape of the stone.

Considerations when making your Carat weight selection:

Setting and overall design

Shape of the stone

For a ring, the size of the person's hand

The Cost compared with your overall budget


Most diamonds, although appearing colorless, actually have slight tones of yellow or brown. Colorless diamonds are rare and therefore more expensive. So, when discussing the Color of a diamond, we are discussing the depth of Color from colorless to light yellow on a scale from D to Z. Diamonds with a rating of D-E-F are the most desired and rare. Diamonds with a rating of G-H-I have virtually no Color when viewed with the naked eye and aren’t quite as rare, thus lowering their value and price. We will show you diamonds in a variety of Color classifications and help you determine what is right for you.

Color Grading Scale


Like everything else in nature, few things are absolutely perfect. Almost all diamonds contain naturally occurring internal characteristics called inclusions. The size, nature, location and amount of inclusions determine a diamond’s Clarity grade and affect its cost. The following scale is used to rate a diamond’s Clarity. We will be happy to show you different Clarity grades both with an unaided eye and with magnification. We’ll let you know what we recommend and then you can choose what looks best to you.

Clarity of Diamonds


Most everyone has determined a budget for their diamond purchase, please let us know your objectives and desires. Because it is important to take all of the C’s into consideration, we will help you make the best possible selection within your budget. Also, Roemer Original sales associates do not work on commission so your best interests are always our first concern.


Let the fun begin! When making an important investment that is steeped in sentiment, you want your piece to be truly special and unique. That is why at Roemer’s we specialize in hand-crafted, one of a kind pieces. We will work with you to create a design that is truly and distinctively yours.

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