Diamond & Gemstone Jewelry

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The best diamond and gemstone jewelry is a Roemer one-of-a-kind piece of custom made jewelry.  We keep a few of these in the case, but most of our pieces are created from scratch, per custom order, so that we can take into account the customers style, color preferences, size and budget.

Trade gold can also be applied toward making your custom pieces at Roemer’s and we’ll give you double the scrap credit when you use your trade gold toward making a custom piece.  That's more than market price.  No one else in the industry is doing that!

If you have diamonds of your own or other colored gems that you currently own, we can also use your gems, or we can certainly provide them for you.  Browse our gems online or in store for a wide selection of gorgeous colored gemstones from all over the world.

Melinda also goes on special buying trips to the Tucson International Gem Show and to Idar Oberstein, Germany to pick up select gems for special orders for customers. If you have that gemstone that you’ve always wanted and dreamt of, talk with Melinda about her next buying trip and I’m sure she can find the perfect stone just for you.  Meeting the vendors face to face with hundreds of thousands of gemstones at her fingertips, allows Melinda to source the best gems for exactly what you had envisioned.  With video/photo texting these days, it's easy to involve you directly in the choosing of that perfect stone.

Browse our Inspiration Gallery for ideas in all of the One-of-a-Kind Roemer designs that have gone to loving homes over the years, and set up an appointment with us if you'd like to discuss ideas for creating your own one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Diamond Gemstones